2-Port SDI Input to 2-Port SDI Output Converter
Product Type切换器
This product is a SDI (Serial Digital Interface) switcher, it can switch 2 channels of SDI signal to a SDI signal. It supports 2 ports of SDI input, 2 ports of SDI output. It also very easy to be use with high stability and reliability. And it is widely used at all the TV station and other work place, safe security monitoring, training venue and so on.
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Wiistar   2-Port SDI Input to 2-Port SDI Output Converter
1) It support wide voltage input, you can select DC 5V~12V power adapter to connect.
2) Short press the button once, the channel will switch once one by one.
3) Short press remote control once,the channel will switch one by one.

1) SDI switcher:
Please connect the device according to the “installation steps”, the SDI switch would work,it support SD-SDI(270Mbps), HD-SDI(1485Mbps) and 3G-SDI(2970Mbps) video format, to make sure 2 channels of the SDI signal input to 1 channel of the SDI signal output.
2) Extend:
This product with a build-in Equilizer, Reclocker and Cable Driver, support the Max cable length (Belden-1694A). SDI cable input and output instance: SDI support 400M, HD support 200M, 3G support 100M (theoretical value, depends on the cable quality)
3) Wide voltage design:
This item with a build-in wide voltage design, support DC 5V~12V voltage input (support up to 2W), it is more fitter to the project.
4) Kinds of the control:
It support button and remote control to switch to the channel you want to.

SDI 2-Port to 2-Port

Wiistar   2-Port SDI Input to 2-Port SDI Output Converter  Don't need download any driver。
SDI 2-Port to 2-Port